crabtree kittle house:ann patricia coleman

Support Shelters For Women In Times Of Need

By Ann Coleman

Bedford Pound Ridge Record Review

October 5,2007

I was introduced to the Crabtree Kittle house in Chappaqua New York after moving out of my house in Pound Ridge New York. After hiring four law firms in Fairfield County Connecticut I had spent 100,000.00 and was out of money. I had written to domestic violence foundations,womens shelters in New York ,The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Amnesty International, Lifetime Television,60 Minutes,Walter Cronkite,Oprah Winfrey and a featured writer in her magazine. I had written to Michael Bolton Charities and attended their fundraisers at the Palace Theatre in Stamford Connecticut for domestic violence and attended a screening of Lifetime Televisions “Terror At Home” Domestic Violence in America in New York City. I had contacted the grievance committee in Connecticut to file grievances against the four law firms that failed to uphold the law in the family courts of Stamford Connecticut and the grievance committee in New York. I had written to Attorney General Richard Bloomenthal and Governor Jodi Rell in Connecticut. Senator Hillary Clinton,Senator Charles Schumer and Elliot Spitzer in New York about the corruption in the family courts. The list goes on and on. I became aware of the seriousness of this corruption and the lack of support for abused women and children in the family courts of Connecticut and New York during this process. It was as if they were playing a game with the well being of women and children with very little care as to the damage they had done for the past five years,damage to my children.

I was planning on camping this particular evening with my dog in New Preston Connecticut when I realized after arriving at the campground there were no dogs allowed for camping. I was homeless and had very little money at the time. I drove back to New York and called the only hotel I knew the Holiday Inn. They were full and said the Crabtree Kittle House has rooms. It was quite late at night and I called to ask if they had any available rooms,they did and that is how I became introduced to the Crabtree Kittle House.

I stayed at the Inn on and off for three months. It was my home at a time I was in need of a safe place for me and my children,a place that was so welcoming to us. I was regularly appearing in court and needed to be well rested and organized for the next disappointment as it turned out, the family court of White Plains New York. While staying at the Crabtree Kittle House, I became aware of the many charities the owner John Crabtree supported and is involved in. Throughout the day and evening there would be a gathering of so many important charities he personally supported. While speaking to John Crabtree about the many charities he supports you realize the depth of his commitment as a man that believes in giving as a way of life. The charities are many,the Make A Wish Foundation,the Boys and Girls Club, the Rotary Katrina Relief. Many of these charities John Crabtree has asked Bill Clinton to join in supporting. He supports domestic violence charities,My Sisters Place in White Plains and the Northern Westchester Shelter in Pleasantville.

The Crabtree Kittle House was a home to me and my boys at a time the comfort of this beautiful Inn was essential. The ambiance of this gorgeous Old World Inn,the gourmet dining experience, outstanding wine list and cozy rooms,a welcome relief. John Crabtree is a true gentleman and welcomes his guests to the Crabtree Kittle House,inviting them to experience great food,great wine and the heart and soul of community giving. My children and I are so grateful to John Crabtree and his belief in giving as a way of life.


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