court corruption:ann patricia coleman

ann patricia coleman

As a domestic violence advocate and survivor, I am well aware of states failure to protect battered mothers and their traumatized children. As a witness to the political and judicial corruption in the family courts of Westchester County NY and Fairfield County Ct., counties that have failed to protect my own children. Having represented the democratic party as a district leader in Westchester County NY,I am certainly alert to the political corruption,political games by both parties Democrats and Republicans, where advancing political careers whether it be corrupt family court judges in White Plains and Stamford ,Ct., New York,corrupt DA’s Janine Pirro and Janet Difiore in White Plains ,NY or a representative in the Congress or Senate,career advancement seems to come before the protection of abused and neglected children. New York and Connecticut playing politics with childrens safety.

I have attended dv conferences, child advocacy conferences and presented my story about states failure to protect a mother and her children, my children in New York and Connecticut.

I have listened to lawyers lie in court to judges, lawyers who fail to file contempt of court charges, lawyers make special deals behind closed doors in an attempt to cover up the failure to protect terrorized children and to silence a mothers voice in the family courts of Westchester County NY and Fairfield County Ct. I have witnessed lawyers who have “special relationships “ with the family services division of the family courts in Stamford ,Ct. silence a protective mother. CPS in Norwalk, Ct. refuse to investigate child abuse and neglect. Judges who refuse to recuse themselves due to conflicts of interest and Attorney Generals and Governors in NY and Ct. who fail to listen to a mother trying to save her own children.

I have contacted national child advocacy organizations about mandatory reporting laws expected of doctors , therapists, schools, universities and law enforcement to report child abuse and neglect .These individuals have refused to abide by these mandatory reporting laws in Westchester County NY and Fairfield County Ct.

My dv research and child advocacy work is in response to the injustice in the family court system due to judicial and political corruption. As a protective mother filing for a divorce from the batterer ,my exhusband in January 2003,serving orders of protection to my exhusband in Ct., and my violent father in Massachusetts, I was suddenly “hit by a tidal wave”, my exhusband threatened me with if I dared to file for a divorce.

For the past ten years I have been in the family courts in Stamford ,Ct. and White Plains, NY trying to protect my children from child abuse and neglect ,medical neglect and “terror at home.” I have written articles in my local newspaper the “Bedford Pound Ridge Record Review”, organized a dv survivor photo exhibit and the child abuse continues.I am in the process of organizing my own 501 C3 organization to expose this judicial and political corruption As a freelance writer and photographer this field of domestic violence advocacy and child advocacy is for my children and the many children that states have failed to protect, refusing to listen to the mothers that love them so.


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