Janet Difiore,Westchester Prosecutor,is Nominated for New York Chief Judge

International New York Times:Jesse McKinley&James McKinley Jr December 1,2015

I became aware of Janet Difiore when she was running for DA, after the notorious DA, Janine Piro, she and her family mafia connections.Janet Difiore was at that time a Republican ,running against Tony Castro who I was supporting, the Democrat when I was a district leader for the Democrats in my hometown in New York.Difiore then switched to a Democrat after winning the election.I had contacted her office, concerned about the judicial and political corruption in the family courts of White Plains, NY something we had been witness to ,me and my sons, in the Stamford, Ct. family courts and then onto the family courts of White Plains, NY.Difiore was aware of my support for Tony Castro,never returned my calls to her office,after visiting her office in the courthouse and leaving my contact information.She claimed she never received the calls or the contact information when i visited her office,that simply was not the truth.I had attended a ceremony Janet Difiore was present at, where I was mentioned in appreciation for a judge that was nominated that day,Coleen Duffy,who was aware of my work in domestic violence advocacy and child advocacy and the need to expose the corruption in the family court system.Pirro and her family ties to mafia were known and yet she went on and now apparently Difiore and her unethical behavior ,playing political games with the safety of battered mothers and their children,a real mess,White Plains, NY family courts and Stamford, Ct.family courts,in state failure to protect battered mothers and children, as well as the corrupt DA’s office of Westchester County NY.


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