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Gloria Steinem:New York Libraries


It is truly for me the case, as it is for so many others, that librarians saved my life. They democratize knowledge. Nothing on Earth is so important. This is why it was such an honor when NYPL The New York Public Librarynamed a Library Lion this year. Support their work this season:

When New Yorkers want to discover, learn, grow, and read, they come to the Library. At the Library, anyone can check out books, conduct world-class research, learn English as a second language, power their job search, get afterschool homework help, and more — all for free.

court corruption:ann patricia coleman

ann patricia coleman

As a domestic violence advocate and survivor, I am well aware of states failure to protect battered mothers and their traumatized children. As a witness to the political and judicial corruption in the family courts of Westchester County NY and Fairfield County Ct., counties that have failed to protect my own children. Having represented the democratic party as a district leader in Westchester County NY,I am certainly alert to the political corruption,political games by both parties Democrats and Republicans, where advancing political careers whether it be corrupt family court judges in White Plains and Stamford ,Ct., New York,corrupt DA’s Janine Pirro and Janet Difiore in White Plains ,NY or a representative in the Congress or Senate,career advancement seems to come before the protection of abused and neglected children. New York and Connecticut playing politics with childrens safety.

I have attended dv conferences, child advocacy conferences and presented my story about states failure to protect a mother and her children, my children in New York and Connecticut.

I have listened to lawyers lie in court to judges, lawyers who fail to file contempt of court charges, lawyers make special deals behind closed doors in an attempt to cover up the failure to protect terrorized children and to silence a mothers voice in the family courts of Westchester County NY and Fairfield County Ct. I have witnessed lawyers who have “special relationships “ with the family services division of the family courts in Stamford ,Ct. silence a protective mother. CPS in Norwalk, Ct. refuse to investigate child abuse and neglect. Judges who refuse to recuse themselves due to conflicts of interest and Attorney Generals and Governors in NY and Ct. who fail to listen to a mother trying to save her own children.

I have contacted national child advocacy organizations about mandatory reporting laws expected of doctors , therapists, schools, universities and law enforcement to report child abuse and neglect .These individuals have refused to abide by these mandatory reporting laws in Westchester County NY and Fairfield County Ct.

My dv research and child advocacy work is in response to the injustice in the family court system due to judicial and political corruption. As a protective mother filing for a divorce from the batterer ,my exhusband in January 2003,serving orders of protection to my exhusband in Ct., and my violent father in Massachusetts, I was suddenly “hit by a tidal wave”, my exhusband threatened me with if I dared to file for a divorce.

For the past ten years I have been in the family courts in Stamford ,Ct. and White Plains, NY trying to protect my children from child abuse and neglect ,medical neglect and “terror at home.” I have written articles in my local newspaper the “Bedford Pound Ridge Record Review”, organized a dv survivor photo exhibit and the child abuse continues.I am in the process of organizing my own 501 C3 organization to expose this judicial and political corruption As a freelance writer and photographer this field of domestic violence advocacy and child advocacy is for my children and the many children that states have failed to protect, refusing to listen to the mothers that love them so.

crabtree kittle house:ann patricia coleman

Support Shelters For Women In Times Of Need

By Ann Coleman

Bedford Pound Ridge Record Review

October 5,2007

I was introduced to the Crabtree Kittle house in Chappaqua New York after moving out of my house in Pound Ridge New York. After hiring four law firms in Fairfield County Connecticut I had spent 100,000.00 and was out of money. I had written to domestic violence foundations,womens shelters in New York ,The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Amnesty International, Lifetime Television,60 Minutes,Walter Cronkite,Oprah Winfrey and a featured writer in her magazine. I had written to Michael Bolton Charities and attended their fundraisers at the Palace Theatre in Stamford Connecticut for domestic violence and attended a screening of Lifetime Televisions “Terror At Home” Domestic Violence in America in New York City. I had contacted the grievance committee in Connecticut to file grievances against the four law firms that failed to uphold the law in the family courts of Stamford Connecticut and the grievance committee in New York. I had written to Attorney General Richard Bloomenthal and Governor Jodi Rell in Connecticut. Senator Hillary Clinton,Senator Charles Schumer and Elliot Spitzer in New York about the corruption in the family courts. The list goes on and on. I became aware of the seriousness of this corruption and the lack of support for abused women and children in the family courts of Connecticut and New York during this process. It was as if they were playing a game with the well being of women and children with very little care as to the damage they had done for the past five years,damage to my children.

I was planning on camping this particular evening with my dog in New Preston Connecticut when I realized after arriving at the campground there were no dogs allowed for camping. I was homeless and had very little money at the time. I drove back to New York and called the only hotel I knew the Holiday Inn. They were full and said the Crabtree Kittle House has rooms. It was quite late at night and I called to ask if they had any available rooms,they did and that is how I became introduced to the Crabtree Kittle House.

I stayed at the Inn on and off for three months. It was my home at a time I was in need of a safe place for me and my children,a place that was so welcoming to us. I was regularly appearing in court and needed to be well rested and organized for the next disappointment as it turned out, the family court of White Plains New York. While staying at the Crabtree Kittle House, I became aware of the many charities the owner John Crabtree supported and is involved in. Throughout the day and evening there would be a gathering of so many important charities he personally supported. While speaking to John Crabtree about the many charities he supports you realize the depth of his commitment as a man that believes in giving as a way of life. The charities are many,the Make A Wish Foundation,the Boys and Girls Club, the Rotary Katrina Relief. Many of these charities John Crabtree has asked Bill Clinton to join in supporting. He supports domestic violence charities,My Sisters Place in White Plains and the Northern Westchester Shelter in Pleasantville.

The Crabtree Kittle House was a home to me and my boys at a time the comfort of this beautiful Inn was essential. The ambiance of this gorgeous Old World Inn,the gourmet dining experience, outstanding wine list and cozy rooms,a welcome relief. John Crabtree is a true gentleman and welcomes his guests to the Crabtree Kittle House,inviting them to experience great food,great wine and the heart and soul of community giving. My children and I are so grateful to John Crabtree and his belief in giving as a way of life.

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Battered Mothers Must Find Protection In Courts

Bedford Pound Ridge Record Review

September 14,2007

By Ann Coleman

We continue to read every day in the newspapers about abused children. The conference I attended in Albany,New York, The “Battered Mothers Custody Conference” was not written about or even visited by any of the politicians or reporters that are fully aware of the serious lack of protection for battered mothers and their children. The forth “Battered Mothers Custody Conference” was attended by the many professionals who are trying to expose court corruption and ask why protecting battered mothers and their children is not more of a priority. The other segment of the population that was represented at the” Battered Mothers Custody Conference” was the battered mothers desperate to protect their children.

The stories that were told over the three days of the conference,told by mothers who had been beaten,terrorized and witnessed their children being abused by their exhusband, were stories that any civilized person would find hard to imagine. Children who had been sexually molested,kidnapped and abused by their own fathers. Courts that refused to protect these abused children. Lawyers that were all too willing to continually financially rape the battered mothers that were trying to protect their children. Stories of judges that were comfortable using” Parental Alienation Syndrome”against protective mothers to shut them down and allow the abuser to gain access and custody of the abused children. Parental Alienation Syndrome” a weapon of the right-wing fathers rights groups and used against protective mothers by lawyers and judges covering up corruption in the family courts. Protective mothers who had clear evidence of sexual molestation of their children who had been in the family courts year after year trying desperately to protect their own children.

Many books have been written on the subject of abuse of children and the failure of the family court system to protect them from the abuser and the corruption. Politicians who continually speak up about advocacy of children and in reality do nothing to expose this corruption in the judicial system. Lucrative financial relationships between judges,lawyers,DA’s and politicians that continue to fail to protect battered mothers and their battered children.

Present were the courageous film producers that interviewed the protective mothers and exposed the corruption in the family court system. Yet the books and films on the subject of child abuse and battering of protective mothers continues to be of little interest to the general public.

As a protective mother witnessing the corruption in the family courts of Connecticut and New York, the priority seems to be covering up this judicial and political corruption. I presented my story at the “Battered Mothers Custody Conference” and have been in the courts trying to protect my own children from battering and abuse. For six years I have written to politicians, reporters television specials on domestic violence,magazine publications on domestic violence and domestic violence foundations. No action has been taken by any of these individuals to expose this court corruption or to help me to help my abused children. I have sat and listened to politicians, judges and celebrities talk about this subject as if it is a game not a reality that abused women and their witnessing children are not being protected from the abuser throughout the United States. It is time for the court corruption and the collusion on the part of the politicians,CPS,doctors,lawyers,judges,and DA’s who participate in this corruption to be held accountable for the failure to protect battered mothers and the children they love and are so desperately trying to protect.

Janet Difiore,Westchester Prosecutor,is Nominated for New York Chief Judge

International New York Times:Jesse McKinley&James McKinley Jr December 1,2015

I became aware of Janet Difiore when she was running for DA, after the notorious DA, Janine Piro, she and her family mafia connections.Janet Difiore was at that time a Republican ,running against Tony Castro who I was supporting, the Democrat when I was a district leader for the Democrats in my hometown in New York.Difiore then switched to a Democrat after winning the election.I had contacted her office, concerned about the judicial and political corruption in the family courts of White Plains, NY something we had been witness to ,me and my sons, in the Stamford, Ct. family courts and then onto the family courts of White Plains, NY.Difiore was aware of my support for Tony Castro,never returned my calls to her office,after visiting her office in the courthouse and leaving my contact information.She claimed she never received the calls or the contact information when i visited her office,that simply was not the truth.I had attended a ceremony Janet Difiore was present at, where I was mentioned in appreciation for a judge that was nominated that day,Coleen Duffy,who was aware of my work in domestic violence advocacy and child advocacy and the need to expose the corruption in the family court system.Pirro and her family ties to mafia were known and yet she went on and now apparently Difiore and her unethical behavior ,playing political games with the safety of battered mothers and their children,a real mess,White Plains, NY family courts and Stamford, courts,in state failure to protect battered mothers and children, as well as the corrupt DA’s office of Westchester County NY.